The HBA 1.0 dataset has been collected from the French digital library Gallica.

The conditions for the use of Gallica’s contents set forth below.

Conditions for the use of Gallica’s contents

  1. The contents accessible on Gallica website are mostly digital reproductions of works from the collections of the BnF that are no more protected by intellectual property rights.

The use of these reproductions is covered by French Law n°78-753 of 17 July 1978:

  • The non-commercial use of these contents is free of charge, subject to compliance with the current legislation and notably the inclusion of the source’s statement.
  • The commercial use of these contents is subject to payment and covered by a license. Commercial use includes the resale of the contents in the form of prepared products or the supply of services.

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  1. Gallica’s contents are the property of the BnF within the meaning of Article L.2112-1 of the French Public Entity Property General Code (Code Général de la Propriété des Personnes Publiques).
  2. Some contents are subject to specific conditions of use. These are:
  • Reproductions of documents protected by any copyright belonging to a third party. These documents cannot be used without the prior authorisation of the holder of the rights, except in the context of copying for private use.
  • Reproductions of documents held in partner libraries and other institutions. These are marked by means of the wording Source / Bibliothèque municipale de … (or other partner organisation). The user is directed to contact these organisations for their conditions of use.
  1. Gallica is a database, of which the BnF is the producer, protected within the scope of Articles L341-1 and thereafter of the French Intellectual Property Code.
  2. These conditions for the use of Gallica’s contents are governed by the laws of France. If the contents are to be used in another country, it is the responsibility of each user to ensure that any such project complies with the laws of that country.
  3. The user agrees to comply with these conditions of use as well as applicable legislation, notably that relating to intellectual property. A failure to comply with these provisions can be subject to a fine as defined by the law of 17 July 1978.
  4. For high definition reproduction of documents from Gallica, contact